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  • We believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect and recognize that structural race, gender, and other inequities remain barriers that must be addressed.
  • We believe that our communities have the capacity and moral obligation to ensure that no one is forced to endure the hardships of poverty

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CAP Area Resource Centers

CAP Food Pantries

Child Development Centers

Senior Centers

Affordable Housing

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How You Can Help

You can make a better tomorrow for others. 
Be the difference.


Some parts of the job are more challenging than others, but overall, every aspect of my role contributes to the growth and success of the program--it is worth the challenge.

CAPBM Employee

Helping people is the number one factor, it is my passion!

CAPBM Employee

I have amazing Co-workers and my management is PHENOMENAL!

CAPBM Employee

I love the feeling of be able to provide a benefit to a participant that you know will make their life better.

CAPBM Employee
How You Can Help

You can make a better tomorrow for others. 
Be the difference.