Affordable Housing Program

The Affordable Housing Program includes housing for eligible senior citizens and affordable multi-family housing units. CAP manages five (5) Section 202 PRAC Housing Properties for anyone 62 and over, two (2) Section 202/8 properties for those 62 and over or disabled, and five (5) non-age restricted Tax Credit Locations within Belknap and Merrimack Counties. All applicants must fall within set income guidelines for each property. 


Senior Affordable Housing


Family Affordable Housing Options


Utilities Included

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Eligibility Requirements

Must meet age requirements.
Applicants must meet project income guideline requirements.


Please contact Housing at (603) 225-3295 ext. 1177. 

Fast Facts
  • Applicants must meet income eligibility requirements.
  • Request a separate application from the Housing Department for each property location.
  • There are waitlists for all properties, but all are encouraged to apply.
  • Section 202 PRAC and Section 202/8 Properties’ residents pay 30% of their adjusted gross income with the balance being subsidized by HUD. Heat and utilities are included.
  • Non-age restricted Properties follow LIHTC Income Guidelines as well as other income guidelines. Residents may have utility allowances provided.

Alton Housing for the Elderly, Inc.
Prospect View
13A Spruce Terrace
Alton, NH 03809
(603) 875-3111

Belmont Elderly Housing, Inc.
Heritage Terrace
22 Heritage Terrace
Belmont, NH 03220
(603) 267-8801

Epsom Elderly Housing, Inc.
Meadow Brook
464 Suncook Valley Hwy
Epsom, NH 03234
(603) 736-8250 

Kearsarge Elderly Housing, Inc.
North Ridge
26 North Road
Warner, NH 03278
(603) 456-3398

Newbury Elderly Housing, Inc.
52 Newbury Heights Rd
Newbury, NH 03255
(603) 763-0360

Pembroke Housing for the Elderly, Inc.
The Village at Pembroke Farm
408 Pembroke St
Pembroke, NH 03275
(603) 485-1842

Riverside Housing Corp.
68 Lancaster Street
Franklin, NH 03235
(603) 934-5340 

Sandy Ledge
124 Concord Street
Belmont, NH 03220
(603) 934-8158

Twin Rivers Community Corp.
88 Chestnut St., 4 Glen St. & 12-22 Glen St.
Franklin, NH 03235
(603) 934-5340

Twin Rivers Community Corp. LP1
38 River Street
Franklin, NH 03235
(603) 934-5340

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