Electric Assistance Program (EAP)

The Electric Assistance Program provides income-eligible households with a discount on their electric bill.  Discounts are effective for one year after enrollment and can range from 5%-86%.  Households must re-certify each year in order to remain eligible for assistance.
Households may be eligible for both the Electric and Fuel Assistance Programs. 


Operates Year Round


Discount Ranges
From 5%-86%


Apply Anytime

About Electric Assistance Program

Eligibility Requirements

Ages Served: All
Income Guidelines: Up to 200% FPG, higher guidelines if funding allows.
Geographic Area: Belknap/Merrimack Counties
Program Cost: None
Other Requirements: Must have an account in the name of an
adult member of the household.

Fast Facts
  • Program operates year-round. Applicants may apply at any time.
  • Applications are accepted via mail, email, or appointment. Please call (603) 223-0043 for an application.
  • Electric bill discount ranges from 5%-86%.
  • Anyone experiencing an electric disconnect should contact Energy Assistance at
    (603) 223-0043.

For an application, please call Energy Assistance at (603) 223-0043 or Click Here.

To contact the Electric Assistance Program Manager directly, please contact
(603) 225-3295 x 1171 or electricassistance@capbm.org

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