Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program assists low-income households by improving the safety and comfort of the home, while also reducing energy costs. The agency will assess the needs of the home and provide weatherization, heating repairs/potential replacements, or other energy-related services within the program regulations. This program focuses on energy conservation, rather than rehabilitation. 

The agency will conduct an energy audit to determine cost-effective ways of reducing energy waste, and a follow-up inspection after contractors have performed the recommended energy conservation measures. Elderly or disabled families, families with young children, and households with high energy burdens receive priority. Services are funded with a combination of program resources.


Reduced Energy Costs


Energy Conservation


Apply through Fuel Assitance

About Weatherization Assistance Program

Eligibility Requirements

Ages Served: All Clients can apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program using the Fuel Assistance Program (FAP) or Electric Assistance Program (EAP) Application.
Income Guidelines: Once qualified for FAP and/or EAP, the client is qualified for the Weatherization Assistance Program.
Geographic Area: Merrimack and Belknap Counties
Program Cost: None
Other Eligibility Requirements: Home cannot be in disrepair, have any significant structural issues, leaking roof, failing plumbing or electrical systems. Homeowners (both stick-built and manufactured homes) and renters (with landlord permission) are eligible
Homes previously weatherized may not be eligible, and are handled on a case-by-case basis

Fast Facts
  • Significantly improving indoor comfort during extreme outdoor temperatures, both winter and summer
  • Savings on electricity and heating fuel consumption
  • This program is not an “emergency service”. There can be wait period due to prioritizing and demand
  • This is not a “window and door” program. The primary focus is on insulation, air sealing and health & safety
  • Potential to install LED light bulbs, kitchen & bathroom low-flow devices, additional ventilation, health and safety related devices such as Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, and refrigerator metering for possible replacement if the unit qualifies
  • Energy Audit results and cost-effective analysis determines which measures can be completed in the home
  • Heating system replacement and repair funding is limited, and there are additional guidelines for rentals
  • The program cannot provide continuous service or minor tune-ups and repairs

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